Test Management

Why do you need Test Management?  A good test management platform streamlines the quality assurance process and provides quick  access to data analysis, improves collaboration and enables communication across multiple, globally distrib uted teams. In addition to standardizing automated and manual test processes, this technology also allows  teams to define, organize and reuse complex test […]

Looking for the Elephant in the Room

Looking for the Elephant in the Room

Looking for the Elephant in the Room A lot of companies can compares their team’s work to the Indian parable of blind men investigating an elephant: Each blind man feels a different part of the elephant body … but their descriptions are in complete disagreement on what an elephant is. Despite initial disagreement, if the people […]


AI in Software Testing

AI in SOFTWARE TEST AUTOMATION The use of AI in software development is still in its infancy, and the level of autonomy is much lower than seen in more evolved areas such as self-driving systems or voice-assisted control, although it is still driving forward in the direction of autonomous testing. The application of AI in […]


Future is now

FUTURE OF TESTING One of the trends that started this past decade, which is expected to continue, is the use of AI to enhance existing tools and frameworks that target specific testing problems. Examples at this time include functional testing of web and mobile applications, visual testing of user interfaces, and UI element location and […]

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Digital transition: is there still an elephant in the room

Digital Transformation

Digital transition: is there still an elephant in the room The COVID-19 crisis affected our lives in many ways. Almost overnight, we were pushed to live more ‘online’ than ‘offline’: teleworking, online shopping, online ‘gatherings’ became the norm. Our way of living is subjected to irreversible digitalisation. Regrettably, often instead of being ahead of the […]