AI-based autonomous test generation tool

ForeCast is an AI-based test generator which creates API, UI, and Unit tests for your system.

No change on your workflow or infrastructure is required.

ForeCast collects data from different points of your system by installing light weight data collection modules. Integration of Forecast to your system takes only a few hours.

Forecast is your new testing team.

ForeCast generates your API, UI, and Unit tests for you without any manual input. It collects data from sensors, analyses them and generates tests using the state-of-the-art AI techniques.

The more, the better, the faster

The ForeCast’s AI-based algorithms aim to reach the possible highest code and path coverage. It generates more test cases with intelligently optimized parameters in a short time.

Continuous Testing.

Forecast is linked to your code repository. Whenever there is a commit, Forecast is triggered and starts generating tests. This enables identifying faults as soon as they are introduced to the code base and the integrity of the system is checked at each commit.