The way you should test – Podcast

09 Apr 2021
TESTIFI and Jens Heitland: Connecting the dots of innovation and entrepreneurship with Dan Burns. Dan grew up in New Zealand and moved to Germany where he founded the company TESTIFI. TESTIFI offers cutting edge test automation tools and services to massively speed up the process

We talk all over testing prototyping and innovating from a small company perspective to a large corporation perspective.

Where can you find Dan?
Dan Burns LinkedIn:

Jens Heitland LinkedIn:

Here’s another podcast with Jens Heitland. Another individual on a mission to make an impact #awesomeness . Thanks for having TESTIFI again on your show!

Once again, going to the roots of TESTIFI GmbH. Diving deep into some of the core topics of #testautomation#shiftleft and all the principles of #continuoustesting#continuousdelivery and #devops


Check out this highlight here and follow Jen’s link to the full video:




About Testifi:

We are a Deep Tech company based in Munich focused on optimizing the software delivery process through integrations and automation.

Our vision is to redefining how software is delivered. We work at the coalface of digitalisation, enabling enterprise companies like BMW, Vodafone and even Amazon to deliver code from development to production in hours if not minutes. We do this by optimising the entire software delivery process through automation and integration.

Media Contact:

Margarita Kubitza
Marketing Manager