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06 Dec 2020
Enterprise experience for startups: Software delivery best practices

Enterprise and Startup software delivery are drastically different sides of the same coin: Enterprise has a high division of labor with a lot of disconnect, whereas in startups lines get blurred about responsibilities and you see developers test their own software which is not as effective. There are things to improve in both approaches. In this lunch-and-learn we will discover enterprise best practices of software delivery and see how these learnings can be utilized for optimizing software delivery in startups.

Testifi’s CAST – Complete Automated System Test, enables software development teams to automate their software testing with speed and ease, improving the efficiency and quality of their software product.

Dan Burns has been working in the space of enterprise software delivery and software testing for over 15 years and has founded Testifi 3 years ago because of the frustration of the current state of the software testing space and it’s his mission to change this.

Join Dan for a deep dive on utilizing enterprise best practices in startup software delivery and learn about Testifi’s innovative tool CAST at the online session hosted by WERK1 – the most startup-friendly place in Munich.

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Enterprise Experience for Startups: Software delivery best practices TESTIFI WERK1


About Testifi:

We are a Deep Tech company based in Munich focused on optimizing the software delivery process through integrations and automation.

Our vision is to redefining how software is delivered. We work at the coalface of digitalisation, enabling enterprise companies like BMW, Vodafone and even Amazon to deliver code from development to production in hours if not minutes. We do this by optimising the entire software delivery process through automation and integration.

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