Digital Transformation

18 May 2021
TESTIFI and The Digital Transformation – Daniel Burns and Can Adiguzel are talking in that podcast about Value Stream Mapping

Enjoy the new #Podcast with #TheDigitalMittelstand with Can Adiguzel and Dan Burns – the CEO from TESTIFI GmbH – Value Stream Mapping

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#Complexity #PsychologicalSafety #Optimizationofsoftware #DeliveryProcesses #DigitalTransformation #GeneratingValue #TestAutomation 360Digital

Watch the whole podcast on the Youtube-Channel #TheDigitalMittelstand

About Testifi:

We are a Deep Tech company based in Munich focused on optimizing the software delivery process through integrations and automation.

Our vision is to redefining how software is delivered. We work at the coalface of digitalisation, enabling enterprise companies like BMW, Vodafone and even Amazon to deliver code from development to production in hours if not minutes. We do this by optimising the entire software delivery process through automation and integration.

Media Contact:

Margarita Kubitza
Marketing Manager