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The world doesn’t need another software testing tool. What it needs is a deeply integrated solution that extends your existing toolchain to make software delivery easier and accessible.
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Full stack testing

Speed up your DevOps process, save time and money.

TESTIFI optimises and enables large scale software delivery through an integrated testing solution leveraging Jira to make software delivery easier and more accessible than ever before.

Deliver quality code faster by streamlining constant and automated feedback rendering unnecessary and time consuming communication loops and costly frictions in the process irrelevant.

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Why it matters

A world without testing leads to

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Ø budget overruns*
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Ø time overruns*
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coverage of test automation*

Make quality a competitive advantage. 
Automate and integrate to enable your team to collaborate.
Everyone on the team is a PROSUMER of quality and
better testing makes EVERYONE’s life easier.

Systematic Test Automation at scale

Validate your requirements instead of testing your code

Make decisions and statements with certainty as TESTIFI allows full transparency and status visibility of all relevant development processes.

Therefore, stay ahead of your system changes and make quality a competitive advantage – all by saving time and money!

No-Code test creation

Democratisation of testing

TESTIFI empowers even your non-technical staff to create and prepare tests with our innovative low-code building block model and intuitive User Interface.

Focus the skilled attention of your specialists to the aspects of the project worth their scarce time.

Everyone is a prosumer of quality

Make decisions based on evidence

A single source of truth, available to the entire project, updated in realtime, allows your to make decisions based on facts and not feelings. Anyone can see exactly what is the status of the development at any time. No more waiting for static reports. Turn the lights on in your project today.

It’s not enough that a tool is easy to use, it has to be technically complete too.
If you have full stack development, then you need full stack testing!

Don’t stop with the request and response or GUI workflows, but check your databases, longs and backend systems as well.

Use our IDE plugins for fast test implementations, and use our modular system to test any technology or platform. Let TESTIFI’s tools create, execute and maintain tests with ease and speed!

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