Accelerating businesses success through
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CAST (Collaborative Automated System Test) is an extensively robust test automation platform aimed at accompanying business through the journey of delivering high quality software and increasing the speed of releases by adopting a test first approach.

With CAST businesses can now deliver their software with confidence.

Deliver your software with confidence

Built around your existing toolchain

CAST is an automated testing platform which takes your software delivery to the next level. CAST is quick, user-friendly and extremely flexible.

The modular framework plugs into any toolchain and our Task and Test Management integration transforms those tools into a complete DevOps platform.

CAST handles the technical details so that businesses can fully concentrate on bringing their innovations to the market.

Capabilities and benefits

Providing you with a modular plugin approach based on your needs, CAST is an intuitive yet highly flexible and customisable platform with a user-friendly interface, leveraging continuous investments in integrations.

Machine learning technology

Labour-free test generation

Shift left and 
test first

Minimise time 
to effectiveness

Code validation and

Enhanced API

Enhance your ROI with CAST

CAST is an end-to-end testing platform which takes business along the journey from test automation, to continuous testing, to testing first, and finally to shifting left. Businesses adopt a test-driven development approach and incorporate testing into every stage of the software development and release cycle, making product quality the norm and not the exception.

The extensibility of the tools, features, and modular plugins empower CAST to boost team collaboration with its integrated platforms and its single-source-of-truth dashboard consolidating all end-to-end tests and their results. Teams are enabled to react instantly and work hand in hand throughout the entire lifecycle.
Utilising testing the right way will significantly increase your ROI, more than you can ever imagine.

Relieve the burden of testing and documentation

It’s time for you to shift the teams’ focus on collaboration and innovation by enabling them with seamless and consistent software delivery processes.
CAST enhances the test automation and documentation process through integrating all the tools and integrations your project needs.

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