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Delivering high quality promptly is not impossible anymore. We not only offer a generic tool, but solutions ensuring you an everlasting thrive on success at every stage of your journey.

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Don’t be afraid of change when you have a jack in the hand. Our team of experts will ensure your successes by providing you with reviewing, analysing and giving invaluable insight and consultancy, as well as guiding you through the whole process of your customisable training. This will enable you to master the art of automated testing.

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Face challenges with confidence with TESTIFI’s solutions. We will assist you throughout your whole digital transformation journey with our innovational approach and expertise. Deliver your business performance with assurance and start achieving high-end results.

Test Management



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Test Management

Creating a Test Strategy to automate, integrate and optimise the test efforts to support a modern development strategy requires many changes in processes, tools and mindset. Fundamentally, its a switch from Manual to Automated, from Automation to continuous Testing, SHIFTing Test creation LEFT and execution RIGHT.

It is not a one-size-fits-all approach and not everything needs to happen all at once. It does require a systematic and disciplined approach with a focus on bringing transparency, clarity and control. With properly enabling test management, integrating testing into the software development lifecycle is made much easier through automating most processes and minimising human error, ultimately leading to improving every software development.


Test Automation

Testing requires swiftly shifting gears with the rapid business changes. Being our core competency and skillset, TESTIFI’s Test Automation processes enable agile teams to alter those winds of change.
Providing complete test automation solutions, the creation of the tests and building block modules has never been easier, as TESTIFI enables both technical and non-technical teams with 3 different tiers; do-it-yourself, do-it-with-you, or we-do-it-for-you. This way, we establish the foundation of your and your team’s future successes.


DevOps Optimisation

The value of test automation is unleashed when it’s integrated in the delivery pipelines.

Build, deploy, test. Our team of engineers will help to integrate, automate and streamline your pipelines. New versions of your code need to be made available to test as soon as possible. You don’t have to move to any specific DevOps platform – our modular framework plugs into any existing toolchain, optimising your entire development operations processes.

The feedback is fast, its reliable and its continuous, the true power of test automation is really unlocked.
Our focus lies in resolving the challenges you face and accelerating the processes by enabling faster development cycles while significantly reducing delays and deployment risks.


Training & Enablement

Step into your onboarding journey confidently, we are here to help you!

Our comprehensive and extensive range of certified-training courses and interactive workshops, both facilitated and online, you are able to customise your learning process, ensuring your road to success.

Every user gets access to TESTIFI’s online academy, as well as the continual enablement of our team’s support throughout the learning process to reach the full potential and successfully implement the best approaches and practices for you and your team.

Make Quality The Norm Again

Delivering high quality software doesn’t have to be a burden anymore.

We have acknowledged there is no-size-fits-all and the challenges you face are unique. Not only did we make our deeply-integrated solutions highly flexible and customisable to combat those issues, but our devoted team of experts are ready to consult you and solve all your IT-related problems from all different sorts of angles.

Break down barriers, accelerate innovation, and increase accessibility and transparency across all teams while we build your road toward success.

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